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Catechist Testimonials

Hi, my name is Moira Hathcock.  I have been teaching 1st grade Religious Education for the past 12 years.  I love teaching the kids during their early years of learning about our religion.  They are so curious and full of wonder!  We all learn something new each year.  The best part is I often teach their little brothers and sisters the next year.  It is so much fun seeing the families around town ( i.e. the dairy bar).  I am thrilled when I get a wave at Mass during the Sign of Peace.  Teaching Religious Education has truly been a blessing in my life.  

Gerri King – Catechist for 2nd Grade:  I am one of ten children (Irish Catholic) and as an adult I realized that the greatest gift my parents gave me was my Catholic faith.  My Catholic faith has sustained me as an adult and parent in ways I could not imagine when I was young. When my son, Joe, entered Religious Education 13 years ago I decided that being a Catechist was a wonderful way to pass my Catholic faith on to him.  This year will be my 13th year teaching Religious Education at OLPH.  Joe has had a front row seat in watching me pass on the Catholic faith. 13 years later, I think it’s the greatest gift I have given Joe and volunteering my time and efforts let Joe see how important the Catholic faith is to our family.

Jeri Grein - Catechist for 1st Grade:  I have been a Catechist for 18 years.  I began teaching First Grade and after a few years moved with my 1st grade class to 2nd grade which I continued to teach at that level into 2020.  I took 2021 off to move from my house into a condo and knowing I would be without a computer for several months, thus preventing me from teaching Religious Education E-Learning.  With that behind me, I decided I would return as a 1st Grade Catechist.  I have loved teaching the children about my friend, Jesus, their prayers, and the many Bible stories at their fingertips.  I, myself, have learned much from the children, as well.   It is proven knowledge that the study of God throughout one's life makes for a better person; one who values life, family, and friendship.  You are part of a community in the house of the Lord.  It is a pleasure to continue to serve my students and their parents.

Greg Bedell – Catechist for 7th Grade:  As a catechist, I have received so much more than I’ve given; and this is so in many ways. Perhaps above all, my opportunity to teach about our faith satisfies my need to serve as our Lord calls us to serve; I can imagine few things we can do that better serve our Lord than to teach our children the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Teaching has also challenged me, indeed demanded of me, that I learn more about scripture and Catholicism.  And, whether “kids say the darndest things” or “from the mouths of babes,” the conversations I’ve had and questions I’ve gotten have shown different lights on things I thought I knew and understood; teaching our kids has broadened my perspective.  Suffice it to say, being a catechist has become a central part of my spiritual life. 

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