Business Networking Ministry

Business Networking Ministry meetings are held once each month at 7:00 pm in the Dussman Room; check the website calendar for upcoming meeting dates. Regular attendance is encouraged, with an average attendance of between 20 and 30 participants.  Participants are encouraged to contact each other between meetings.


The primary focus of the ministry is to accelerate a participant's re-entry into a very challenging job market.  We also encourage and support individuals launching entrepreneurial ventures including start-up companies and franchising purchases.


To establish a world class ministry that supports job campaigns for all parishioners of OLPH, so that no one in the parish is suffering job loss for more than six months, and is committed to our program routinely.  We also envision a speaker's program that conveys a message of hope and skill unsurpassed by others in this profession.


We bring together three essential distinct but related groups:

  1. The unemployed, underemployed, returnees to the work force, or those seeking different employment.
  2. Those seeking contacts to expand their personal business
  3. Also those in a position to share business contacts, coaching expertise, or professional experiences.


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Since 2009 we have assisted over 300 participants over the bridges of change and have significantly reviewed approximately 500 resumes during our annual resume review sessions.  This track record of success is attributable to an excellent professional staff of volunteers and a high level of support from parish leadership.

Contact person: 
Bill Yacullo