Connections and Career Changes

Our Career Networking Ministry has been helping people make connections for a number of years. Here is one individual who has benefitted from participation in this group.

Name: Brian Callahan

Hometown: Glenview

Currently Resides in: Glenview

Current Job: Distribution at Relative Value Partners since 2010

Q. What was one of the first ways you became involved at OL?
A. I have been a member of the parish since birth!

Q. How did the OL career ministry help you?
A. In 2009 I was working at the Board of Trade, and with the financial crisis, I was looking for new job opportunities.
A fellow parish member, Chris Spingola, suggested the OLPH Career Networking Ministry to me, so I started attending their meetings. I think the best thing about the Ministry was that you could go talk with others who were in the same situation. You would find out you weren’t alone. I was changing careers at age 50. That was tough.
I remember at one particular meeting Chris Spingola got up and said to the group, “whatever you do you can’t stay in the fetal position. You have to keep moving.” That really stuck with me.
Also through the Ministry I received some help with setting up my LinkedIn page and networking through social media. I still keep in touch with many of the people that I met through the Ministry. I guess you could say it was a Godsend.

Are you looking to make connections? Attend the next meeting of our Career Networking Ministry!

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