Catechists Needed for Religious Education

Go make disciples and teach them everything that I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:19-20

The Religious Education Program at OLPH needs volunteers. It has been a long tradition at OLPH that our parish family has offered their time and talents. It is through caring, sharing and praying that our community has grown in love and support of one another. The success of our religious education program depends on the dedicated individuals in our parish willing to share their time, talents and faith with the future church, our parish children. We encourage all parishioners, as well as the parents of children in our program to be a part of the faith formation process.

The Mission of a Catechist is such an important one. It is a mission that has been given to the whole Church: that every individual Christian shares in the works of Jesus Christ. 
The Role of a Catechist is to bring our young people closer to Jesus and grow in their faith as Catholics. Through their service the catechist nurtures and mentors the faith and spiritual growth of the children they teach so that they may form a firm commitment to follow Christ.

Please consider volunteering as a catechist to share your faith during the 4:30 session of religious education as you, too, grow in your faith and share that journey with the future of our church.

Contact person: 
Cherie DiCesare