Kairos Retreat

Our parish runs a Kairos retreat twice each year for juniors and seniors in high school. On each of these retreats we have 14 of each category: Senior Girls, Senior Boys, Junior Girls, Junior Boys. 

Fr. Paddy Tyrrell began directing the Kairos retreat on number 9, and this coming retreat will be #49. He is accompanied by 8 young adults who have themselves done the retreat. In addition, there are also 14 youth leaders. These are high school seniors who are being trained in leadership skills every Sunday night for six months before the retreat. The retreat takes place in Cabrini Retreat Center on Golf Rd in Des Plaines.

We ask our parishioners to beg God’s Holy Spirit to direct our young people as they consider joining us for this journey, and as they go through the experience. As parents know only too well it is really difficult to attract young people to church. In Kairos they experience a family of their peers who have listened to the call of God’s Holy Spirit, and hopefully will remain in a loving relationship with the Lord for the rest of their lives

Application forms for Kairos 50 are available in the South vestibule of the church and in the parish Center.

Contact name: 
Fr. Paddy Tyrrell