Planned Offertory

God willed creation as a gift addressed to men and women, an inheritance destined for and entrusted to them.

Catechism of the Catholic Church, #299

Each fall we invite our parishioners to prayerfully reflect on the gift of treasure that they are able to share with Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The quality of our liturgies, Parish programs, ministries, facilities, and outreach to the needy is determined by the support we receive from you.

Planned Offertory Program

While your generosity is deeply appreciated in any amount and at any time, a planned giving schedule greatly enhances our Parish's ability to budget its programs and prepare for the future. Like the act of creation that it reflects, stewardship is most effective when it follows a plan.

There are several ways to give:

    • Monthly or weekly envelope contribution

    • Recurring monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual debit to VISA® or MasterCard®

    • Monthly, yearly, quarterly or semi-annual automatic debit from your checking account

If you would like to discuss your planned giving options, please contact Jim Dollard at 847.729.1525 ext. 23.

OLPH is a wonderful place because of all the parishioners who answer God's call and generously share their gifts with the Parish. Thank you for taking seriously the joy and responsibility of membership in our faith community!

Contact person: 
Jim Dollard
847-729-1525 ext. 23
Contact person: 
Laura Kearney