Scripture Study at OLPH

What is Scripture Study at OLPH?

Small groups of parishioners meet weekly to study a specific book of the Bible. New sessions kick off twice a year. Our upcoming study, the Gospel of Luke, begins September 4 and continues to November 19.

Each session, we choose a single book of Scripture for focus. The highly engaging Threshold Bible Study series provides readings, commentary from a theologian, and questions for reflection. Once a week, on days and times selected by participants, small groups meet to share prayer, fellowship, and insights. Meetings also include a short video commentary by a member of our pastoral staff.

Participants find that the small-group format energizes their personal study by adding new perspectives and the combined wisdom of a small community. In sharing and reflecting, wefind the Holy Spirit showing us new connections between the message of Scripture and the circumstances of our individual lives.

This fall, Luke's beautifully crafted account of Jesus’ life and ministry will inspire novices and veterans alike. Registration details available soon!

Contact person: 
Dawn Ludden