Readers (sometimes known as Lectors) are volunteers who proclaim the scriptures in a way that reminds us that God's word is alive here and now. In leading the general intercessions, our Readers remind us of our connections to local and global communities and help us pray for those in need.

The preparation material that is provided helps Readers gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of scripture. Readers help to feed the assembly from the table of the word, just as Extraordinary Minsters of Holy Communion help to feed the assembly from the table of the Eucharist.

Skills Needed

Those in this ministry should possess good public reading skills (articulation and pacing) and a manner of speaking that draws attention not to the speaker, but to the word of God.

Time Commitment

Readers are rotated, serving at Mass about once every four weeks. Two Readers are assigned to each Mass and share the duties of proclaiming the word, leading general intercessions, and reading church announcements.


Prospective Readers meet with the Director of Liturgy to discuss what is required in the ministry.

Every new Reader has an opportunity to practice proclaiming some readings in the church in order to become accustomed to the sound system and our reverberant space. We will provide feedback and help new Readers become comfortable with the mechanics of this essential ministry.

Contact person: 
Margie Andre


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