Parent Effectiveness Training

PLEASE NOTE: During the Covid pandemic, our normal procedures have been suspended, please call the Parish Office at 847-729-1525 for more information.

A Skills Course For Parents

Do you want to be a better parent to your children?

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) is a course designed to teach you the philosophy and communication skills needed to improve and enhance the quality of your relationships with your children.

In P.E.T., you will learn to:

  • Help your children solve their own problems
  • Confront your children’s unacceptable behavior
  • Resolve conflicts between you and your children
  • Listen so your child will feel understood
  • Communicate clearly so your children will understand you
  • Establish family rules everyone in your family will follow
  • Resolve conflicts so nobody loses
  • Parent with a philosophy that is neither permissive nor authoritarian
  • Become the person your children confide in when they encounter worries or difficulties

Parent Effectiveness Training also explores these important parent/child relationship skills:

  • Understanding relationships with children
  • Learning to help your child
  • Communicating to meet your needs
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Preventing problems
  • Handling values collisions

Through OLPH more than 3,500 individuals have benefited from the skills they have learned in these classes.

Contact person: 
Margaret P