SPRED First Communion Mass

SPRED (SPecial REligious Development) is a ministry that welcomes children, teens and adults with developmental and other disabilities to develop an awareness of God in their lives and an awareness of themselves as persons with dignity deeply loved by our God.


Our 11 a.m. Sunday May 19 First Communion Mass includes special adaptations that enhance our shared Mass experience. The altar is prepared by our SPRED Catechists and Friends with cloth, candles, and flowers and we then process with our holy gifts of bread and wine. Our Mass will be joyous as we will celebrate First Communions of several of our friends.


Although the SPRED program is not unique to OLPH, it is a very special program and one that is not available to many parishes or religious communities. We not only want to increase awareness and understanding of what SPRED is at OLPH, but we also want to extend this awareness to surrounding parishes where SPRED is not offered.


Imagine the difficulty of bringing faith to your child with special needs in an area where there is no such program as SPRED. Our goal is to let people within and outside of our parish know that they can find a home at OLPH.