Renew My Church Online Session

OLPH is on an exciting journey of renewal! In fact, our entire local Church in the Archdiocese of Chicago is on this movement of the Holy Spirit to make disciples, build community and inspire witness in new ways.
As exciting as this is, many of us have questions about what renewal will really mean for our parish, what the vision for our future looks like and what’s needed from each of us at this moment in the life of our Church. 

We invite you to join your fellow OLPH parishioners on March 24 for an online Renew My Church Info Session. (There will be other opportunities as well if you're not available March 24.)  
Online Session - Thu., March 24 

Please join us for this unique discussion by registering here:

During the online session, we will :

  • Share an overview of the vision and pathways for renewal within our parish.
  • Hear from people experiencing this renewal today in surrounding parishes.
  • Discuss how each of us has a vital role in the growth of our Church

Even if you have been involved with previous presentations or conversations about Renew My Church, please join us for this unique discussion. Again, you can register here:

Contact name: 
Sara Pekar