OLPH 101 Class

The Engagement Committee Presents...
OLPH 101

Saturday, January 28 Session Topic: The History of OLPH Parish

A course to help Parishioners get to know our faith community. Connect with the history, staff, resources, ministries and people that encompass OLPH Parish.

10am – 11am

Hickey Hall in the OLPH Parish Center (Former Convent Building)

Liz & Lowell Wallace •· Sr. Paulanne • Fr. Boland • Parish Staff • Men’s & Women’s Club Representives • Fellow Parishioners

Please RSVP to the Parish Office at 847-729-1525 by January 27 to insure your place in the class.

*No cost to enroll! Just bring a thirst for knowledge and an apprecation for OLPH!