EvOLve Presents Jim Kenney

9:30-11:00 am, McDonnell Hall

Jim Kenney has been active in the climate awareness effort for over 25 years. He has a strong layman’s understanding of the science and latest research. He has worked closely with leading experts at major gatherings around the world. Jim knows that climate change is real, largely human-caused (anthropogenic) and very likely the greatest single threat to planetary life and human culture. Major storms, flooding, droughts are all increasing in frequency and intensity and pose large-scale threats to human life and property.

He will survey the science, explore key arguments for global climate change, spotlight the politics of energy, and respond openly to questions and controversy. He’ll explain why the most frequent claims made by climate skeptics and deniers are simply wrong.

But it won’t be all bad news. Jim will show how we can make significant changes that will diminish climate effects that might otherwise be catastrophic. Join us. All that is required is goodwill and a spirit of open inquiry. It is virtually guaranteed that all participants will learn something new.

Jim Kenney, a director of the1993 and 1999 Parliaments of World Religions, is a renowned leader in the movement for global interreligious understanding and cooperative common action. He is the co-founder of Common Ground, a center for adult learning, based in Deerfield.