evOLve Ministry: Praying The Our Father Again For the First Time

McDonnell Hall

Jack Shea presents Praying The Our Father Again For the First Time

Based on his new book: To Dare The Our Father: A Transformative Spiritual Practice, we will explore how the prayer invites us into an alternative consciousness, into a different way of thinking, feeling, willing and acting.

When we are happy or when we are sad, when we eagerly wait for a child to be born, or silently stay as an elder dies, when we hear of a plane going down or attend a church going up, when we stroll alone in the woods or gather together in liturgy or assembly, when we are filled with gratitude or emptied by grief, when we are driven to praise or dragged to repent, we reach for the Our Father. It is a prayer we know, the words are memorized and familiar. But there may be more to it than we suspect.

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Patricia Connery