Evolve Adult Education Ministry presents: "What Child is This..."

"What Child Is This...: Historical, Literary and Theological Reflections on the Infancy Narratives of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke"

Presented by Pauline Viviano

Christmas is often associated with warm memories of family gatherings and fun-filled parties. It is the time of year wishes of peace and joy come with every "Merry Christmas" greeting that we exchange. Few realize that, however, that the source of anything we know about Christmas comes from only four chapters of two gospels.  

We will consider the historical basis of the infancy narratives in Matthew 1-2 and Luke1-2 and focus on the literary and theological dimensions of these stories to answer the question "what child is this". Each of these gospel writers presented the story using their choice of symbols to reflect the deeper meaning of the nativity and convey that meaning to their faith communities.