Evolve Adult Education Ministry presents: "Splendors of the Vatican Museums"

On Tuesday evening June 18th from 7:00-8:30PM in McDonnell Hall Art Historian Jeff Mishur will offer a presentation entitled: "Splendors of the Vatican Museums."

Art historian, Jeff Mishur, is returning with another enriching slide program featuring art from the Vatican museums that offers some tangible expressions of Church history.  Jeff will examine objects from the Early Christian, Renaissance and Baroque periods that serve as tangible connections to Christianity as it evolved over the centuries.  He will discuss how these works would have been read by contemporaries and will also focus on iconography and patronage. 

Some of the less familiar objects to be discussed include the 3rd-5th century Mandylion of Edessa-one of the oldest known depictions of Christ’s face- as well as an 8th-9th century Annunciation on silk.

Jeff Mishur is co-owner of Art Excursions, a company that provides private guiding in Chicago, lectures and boutique art and culture tours in the United States.  A popular speaker about art historical and travel topics, Mishur has his M.A. in Art History from Northern Illinois University and has taught on the university level for many years.