Book Club

At our last meeting on Richard Rohr’s book, The Universal Christ, some powerful discussion took place. The book was a real eye-opener, which most participants considered to be truly mind-blowing. It raised the ordinary Christian consciousness to a new dimension, and at least opened up new possibilities in our understanding of God’s dealings with the human race.

Our next book is a novel many of you will have read. It is James Michener’s book “The Source”. Like “Hawaii’ and many of his other novels he uses history as the backdrop for his novel. In this case it is the history of Israel. Like most of his novels this is a very long read, so for our next meeting on October 14th we will read the first half of the book, up to Level VII, p.451.

All are invited to our discussion, even those who have not read the book. For more information contact Fr. Paddy at 847-602-4143.

Contact name: 
Fr. Paddy Tyrrell