100 Hours of Mercy Program

“Be faithful to your plan of 100 Hours of Mercy.  Look for those who are lost in this community, and also lost in the broader community of Chicagoland.  Be sensitive to that because it’s at the heart of what it means to be in touch on a day-to-day basis with that sense of being lost.  Because that is how we come to understand who God really is in our lives.”  -- Blase Cardinal Cupich, OLPH Centennial Mass, September 14, 2019

OLPH Centennial Challenge for Individuals, Couples, Families and Small Groups

In gratitude for the many blessings our parish has received these past 100 years, all OLPH parishioners are being challenged to pledge 100 Hours of Mercy in Act, Word, or Prayer.

Let us put our love into ACTION! 

5 Easy Steps for 100 Hours of Mercy

Step 1 - Download the Mercy Guide & Progress Tracker.

Step 2 - Create your Mercy Action Plan and pledge 100 Hours of Mercy with a Commitment Leaf.

Step 3 – GO!  Start Implementing your Mercy Action Plan.

Step 4 - Make Mercy in Action part of your daily routine.

Step 5 - Give thanks for the opportunity to serve God through serving others.


ADVENT BONUS: Go deeper by reading “’You Did It to Me’” by Father Michael Gaitley, MIC.  This practical guide to Mercy in Action is easy to read, thought provoking and filled with great ideas for all ages. Follow along week by week in the bulletin, as the Hearts Afire Ministry leads a virtual retreat beginning December 1. This is a perfect Advent activity for individuals, couples, and families. Purchase for $5 in the Parish Center Office or email the Hearts Afire Ministry at heartsafireolph@gmail.com


100 Hours for Families with Kids

Check back for more resources for families from the Hearts Afire Ministry. Look for details in school and RE communications too.

100 Hours of Mercy Resources


Do you need help getting started? Contact us!

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