Prayer Tastings with Fr. Tom Hickey

All of us have a “hunger” for prayer and for a deeper relationship with God. But for a myriad of reasons a con- sistent, regular prayer life seems elusive for many of us. Join Fr. Tom Hickey in the “Lady Chapel” in church on three consecutive Wednesday evenings during Lent. Each evening will begin promptly at 7:00 pm and con- clude at 8:00 pm.

Over the three evenings, Fr. Hickey will talk about how to develop a stronger spiritual life as well as discuss some of the common pitfalls we experience in prayer. Each week will also give participants time to sample and reflect together on a particular form of prayer from the rich storehouse of our Catholic tradition.

  • March 15: We will discuss “lection divina” or the divine reading which is one of the most ancient forms of prayer found in the earli- est centuries of the church.

  • March 22: We'll explore "Ignatian Prayer". Employing our imaginations will be taught. This prayer method aids us in entering into scenes from the gospel to lead us to deeper conversation with the Lord.

  • March 29: The focus will be on “Centering Prayer”. Centering Prayer has been made famous by gures like Thomas Merton and Thomas Keating. It is an apt form of prayer for those who need to get out of their heads.

    Materials will be distributed at each session further explaining each form of prayer. Come and bring a friend!