Evolve Presents Jack Shea

The Woman at the Well Meets the man Born Blind and Lazarus

During this Lenten season, we will read three long stories from the Gospel of John; The Woman at the Well, The Man Born Blind, and The Raising of Lazarus, on March 19, 26 and April 2, respectively. These are inspired masterpieces of spiritual illumination and instruction. But they are difficult to "catch on the fly”. They need interpretation in order to speak to our lives today. In our interactive session, we will work with these stories so they bring us both consolation and challenge.

John Shea is the Director, Program and Processes Development at the Ministry Leadership Center. He has published 17 books of theology and spirituality, three works of fiction, and two books of poetry. Dr. Shea is a theologian and storyteller who lectures nationally and internationally on faith-based health care, contemporary spirituality, storytelling in world religions, and the spirit at work movement.

Presentation in McDonnell Hall

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Patricia Connery